Denver Acupuncture for Wellness

Once a patient is declared free of illness or dis-ease, the course of acupuncture treatment would encompass a goal of health maintenance and wellness optimization. The purpose of maintenance acupuncture treatment is to promote continued health and prevent future symptoms or illness. Ensuring the wellbeing of the individual is at the soul of the art of acupuncture and Chinese medicine. The overall wellbeing of the individual consists of the strength of the “vital energy” and the body’s vulnerability to stress. Tune-ups are done twice a month with the patient to strengthen their vital energy and decrease their stress levels. The amplification of the vital energy will allow fewer imbalances to occur, minimizing the build-up of weak energy that can accumulate and cause the body’s self-defense mechanisms to fail.


Seeing an acupuncturist for wellness is an optimal way to keep your body in balance and will minimize the potential for future injury or illness, and decrease the effects of stress, ranging from weakened immunity, to anxiety, depression, body pain, digestive problems, insomnia, etc. When acupuncture is performed correctly, tension and stress are immediately released from the individual and balance of the body and mind are maintained. Utilizing acupuncture and Chinese medicine for wellness is a great way to keep your body running as healthy and happy as possible so that you ultimately feel your best mentally, physically, and emotionally every day of your life.


I first visited Lixin several years ago after a diagnosis of plantar fasciitis. I could barely walk into his office and after the first treatment, walked normally and returned to regular walking, running and hiking. After two more visits I had no heel pain whatsoever. At Lixin’s suggestion I began having tune-ups every six months to keep my body in balance, increase strength and aid in combating stress. My overall sense of well-being prevails.Recently I experienced severe pain in my right hip that radiated down the outside of my leg to my ankle. I saw Lixin immediately and began treatment. I also saw my primary care doctor at Kaiser Permanente. After a complete exam she prescribed acupuncture, yoga and provided exercises I could begin to do when the intense pain subsided. I am grateful that acupuncture provides drug-free non-invasive treatment in a calm environment where the body is able to begin to heal itself. I am even more grateful that I have become a patient of Lixin. -Karen M. (2013)