Dr. Li Xin Zhang has been in practice in Denver for over 20 years and prides himself on exceptional service and results. The following testimonials demonstrate his exemplary capability to not only minimize unnecessary symptoms, but to also cure diseases in their entirety or reverse the severity of the condition. Please read through these success stories and do not hesitate to contact us with any further questions. 


CHRONIC COUGH By 2015, I had had a chronic cough for nearly three years. I coughed a lot during the day, but it was worst when I lay down at night---I’d cough for 10 or 20 minutes, non-stop. Nearly every time I laughed, a coughing fit would follow. A famous pulmonary hospital did a $30,000 work-up to try to diagnose my condition.  The CT scan remained abnormal, and no tests had revealed a diagnosis.  When the doctor suggested that he could repeat all of the tests, I decided to explore treatment with Dr. Li Xin Zhang.  For a physician from Western Medicine, it was a huge leap of faith. 

He advised a strict diet and administered twice-weekly acupuncture. He added moxibustion and cupping intermittently, and I drank his customized herbal teas daily for a year.  I committed to being the most compliant patient possible so that if it didn’t work, it would not be my fault.  It worked!  

Although I’ve had a few short relapses when I’ve gotten the flu or a cold, I’ve had a remarkable recovery. I still eat fresh ginger daily (for 9 months of the year). For the last couple of years I have been on maintenance acupuncture every two weeks, more in the prevention mode.

When the cough started in 2012 (with the worst upper respiratory infection of my life), and did not improve in the six weeks following (as the doctors predicted), I began to think that I would be helplessly coughing for the rest of my life. I now have virtually no coughing. I’m so happy that Dr. Zhang has been such a godsend for me. - Dr. Anne, MD (2019)

ABDOMINAL PAIN After 2 months of severe unexplained abdominal pain and invasive procedures deemed necessary by western medicine I found myself with no answers, depressed and hopeless looking for a miracle. I came across Dr. Zhang from an online search and couldn't be happier. I've had just three sessions and my energy is up, I feel happier, my pain is diminishing substantially and I now have hope and faith that I will fully recover and return to hiking, exercise and living my life again. I am very grateful for this doctor and I highly recommend him to anyone who desires true health, healing and well-being. - Heather D. (2018)

NECK PAIN I was involved in a car accident July 2018 when my car was hit from behind at a high speed. Classic whiplash and very painful! For several months I tried every option to help ease my neck pain. This included a Pain Management MD, a Physical Therapist, Massage, private sessions with a Pilates trainer, and lots and lots of Advil. Although this would provide me some relief, it was fleeting. After almost 6
months, I decided to try Acupuncture. I found Lixin Acupuncture Clinic online in my search for a practice near my home. I completed an online appointment request, an immediately received a phone call from Edie Newall! Imagine that kind of quick, responsive service! She set an appointment with me right away. I was very impressed after that first appointment. Edie assured me that she could help with my
neck pain and this has certainly been true! I have been receiving acupuncture treatments from her since that initial meeting. I have treatments twice/week and have been going since February. I have also benefited from Edie’s Chinese herbs recommendations.

I feel welcome, safe and comfortable at Lixin Acupuncture Clinic. I highly recommend Edie Newell! She is a very patient, compassionate and knowledgeable practitioner of Chinese Medicine and Chinese herbs. Edie is genuinely invested in her patients and their concerns. She shows a genuine desire to help. Each appointment she spends time evaluating progress and adjusts the treatment accordingly. I
can honestly say that my neck pain has decreased significantly, my range of motion is greatly improved, and I am once again able to ride my bike, hike, and enjoy activity! I have also benefited from Edie’s Chinese herbs recommendations. As a result, I am sleeping better, I have more energy and have almost cut caffeine out of my life! I highly recommend Edie Newall. She has worked wonders!!! Thank you so much Edie! - Shelley T. (2018)

MENIERE'S SYNDROME, TINNITUS, & TMJ I was diagnosed in 2016 with Autoimmune Inner Ear Disease, developing into Meniere's Syndrome; severe Tinnitus and TMJ developed around the same time. I experienced episodes of devastating vertigo with severe hearing loss in my left ear, over a period of several months. (Previously, in 2013, I went through the same crisis with my right ear). For the past two years, my hearing slowly decreased from mild to severe loss and was accompanied by roaring tinnitus along with perpetual dizziness, for which I saw a Vestibular Therapist for 3 months. My Otologist did a series of three steroid shots to reduce the inflammation in my inner left ear. It did help a lot, and some of my hearing returned, albeit with a lot of echoing and tonal sounds with tinnitus. I was put on immunosuppressants in the hope that my immune system would calm down. I felt like a wreck! The side effects of the drugs were nearly as bad as the disease. The experience was debilitating, to say the least. I could no longer drive, barely able to walk a few blocks at times (I'm an avid hiker), and I experienced profound fatigue. I couldn't work at a computer, it made me dizzy, as did reading a book. I was desperate until I found Dr. Li Xin. Over a period of 4 months, with twice weekly acupuncture, he helped my get off the drugs and my "bobble headed" feeling is gone! I feel like "me" again! I'm driving again and walking and hiking with friends, averaging about 3-4 miles. My TMJ is nearly gone (and Dr. Li wasn't focusing on that), and my tinnitus has been reduced to very mild. My recent audiology report showed an improvement in my hearing. I could tell immediately when they put the headset on my head and spoke to me that it was better because her voice was CLEAR! I scored in the 80% range for word recognition; before I was in the 50% range (for my hearing threshold). I feel like I've rejoined life! There are no known cures for this debase, but should a flare up happen again in my future, I feel Dr. Li will restore me to "me"! He is unbelievably knowledgeable and I consider him my doctor for life! Thank you, Dr. Li! - Dixie H. (2018)

URINARY RETENTION & UTI I have been coming to Lixin Acupuncture Clinics for several years. I suffer from many "issues", and acupuncture treatments have been helpful for several of them. One such "issue" was urinary retention (inability to empty the bladder sufficiently). This condition causes discomfort, stress incontinence, urinary tract infections, and potentially can lead to kidney failure because of increased back-pressure. I endured this problem for many years, and had so many courses of antibiotics that I became allergic to some. Finally, I was told that the only solution would be to use a catheter two or three times a day. This procedure worked well for a while - it felt good to have an empty bladder, but it was inconvenient, specifically when I was traveling. After two or three years, however, I began to have more and more infections, due, no doubt, to the procedure itself, and by this time the bacteria had developed resistance to most antibiotics. So I was between a rock and a hard place!

Acupuncture treatments alleviated this problem greatly. I had treatments twice a week, and after about six weeks Lixin suggested that I no longer needed to use the catheter. I don't know why, but I was somewhat hesitant to stop using it, but he convinced me to do so. I was able to void fairly well, but we continued treatments for a few more weeks just to be safe. Occasionally, I still have to coax my bladder to work properly and "push" a bit to void, but I have now been catheter-free for two years. That is a good feeling and a big relief. - January 2018

ECZEMA & ALLERGIES: I was referred to Lixin from someone that told me he is Tenth Generation Chinese Medicine from China. He is a master and his work speaks for itself. I saw him initially for a terrible Eczema problem I got for the first time at 50 yrs. old. I am certain it was Immunotherapy treatments that caused it, and they did nothing for my severe seasonal allergies! I went to a Dermatologist, Allergist, Internist, Herbalists, Functional Doctor, and all sorts of Alternative Practitioners. I did many types of cleanses and still no results. When I saw him I thought it would be a one time appointment since I live over 200 miles away. He told me he would cure me but it could take 3-5 months. I didn't think that was possible since I live so far away. He told me I could try someone where I live but my gut told me, and my husband, that he was the one. I made it work and I'm here to say that I'm Eczema free as well as Allergy free! NO more seasonal allergies as I watch people that have never had allergies suffering. Lixin absolutely knows his stuff and he is driven by his passion to help people, not money. -Vicki J. (2016)

TINNITUS: IF YOU HAVE TINNITUS/RINGING IN YOUR EARS, PLEASE READ THIS. I am so very happy that I found Dr. Zhang. About a year and half ago, I experienced sudden hearing loss in one ear, with no explanation or apparent cause. While I was happy that I didn't have a brain tumor, and I could deal with the hearing loss, I was not doing well with the terrible tinnitus that was a side effect - it was like the old-school emergency broadcast system warning sound constantly going off in one ear. My western ENT doctor was great, but he was not able to offer any help with the tinnitus. Dr. Zhang started treatment without hesitation, and after about three months, I am extremely happy to say that I am free of the terrible, ongoing noise in my ear. I plan on continuing to see Dr. Zhang on a less frequent basis to maintain the healthy, balanced, and strong state that he has returned me to. Dr. Zhang is incredibly skilled and knowledgeable, and is a true asset to the medical community. -Heidi G. (2017)

FOOT/ANKLE PAIN: I started seeing Dr. Zhang a year and a half ago after injuring my left foot. Traditional medicine just offered me surgery, and a long recovery without any guarantee of decreasing my pain. After the first visit my pain had dropped 50%. Each visit continued to bring improvement and healing. Within 4 months I was well enough to ballroom dance again. I have continued to see Dr. Zhang and believe in his ability to to bring healing to any health issues I bring to him. I recommend Dr Zhang without any hesitation. You will be in good hands. -Karen T. (2017)

RHEUMATOID ARTHRITIS, VIRUS, & ANXIETY: Dr. Lixin is truly a blessing, and we are all so lucky to have him in Denver! I tell everyone I know to go see him, and he is the one person I know I can count on when Western medicine has failed me. He took away all of my "incurable" RA symptoms within about 8 treatments, when in Western medicine I would be on thousands of dollars worth of medication for the rest of my life with a very low quality of life. Two years later, I am still symptom free. He has also recently helped me get rid of a horrible virus that I had for over four weeks, that I was unable to get rid of with two rounds of strong antibiotics for the subsequent infections which resulted from the virus. I only wish I would have seen him sooner. He has also helped me overcome severe bouts of anxiety and stress over the years. I am hoping to get pregnant in the next couple of years, and if I have any trouble conceiving, Dr. Lixin will be my first call before I ever even think about seeing a fertility specialist! I live in Fort Collins, and it is so worth the drive to see him! If you have any doubts about acupuncture you should definitely give it a chance (make sure to go for the recommended number of treatments, and don't decide after one or two treatments that it isn't working. Depending on the severity of what you are dealing with, it may take a bit of time, but it is truly worth the investment! Dr. Lixin is a treasure for all of us who live within driving distance of his practice! -Sarah S. (2017)

ASTHMA: I came to Dr. Zhang for asthma treatment. My father, a practicing physician in Colorado, tried every drug Western Medicine had to offer. But no matter what medications I took, my symptoms remained. I left for college and played my first year as a Division I lacrosse player coughing my way through every practice. It got to be so bad my teammates called me “the whoop.” That summer I went to Dr. Zhang, and in three months I was totally cured. For the first time in my life I could breathe with ease. The digestive problems I thought to be totally unrelated vanished, along with my “chronic” cough, wheezing, and shortness of breath. I truly felt like a new person. When I returned to the lacrosse field that fall, I played at a level beyond my wildest dreams. Dr. Zhang is unmatched in his compassionate wisdom. Every visit he greeted me with a smile and a joke. His skill is beyond anything I could have imagined, and I would highly recommend him to anyone who struggles to overcome their illness. He does not just treat the symptoms. He really does cure you. Michael G. – Dec 2010

ASTHMA: Nancy S. had asthma all her life until she decided to try acupuncture as an alternative treatment. Less than a month after starting acupuncture treatments, she was totally free of asthma symptoms. She now has no breathing problems whatsoever and her pulmonary physician is pleased that her lungs have been strengthened.

ASTHMA: Another remarkable case involving an asthma patient is that of Gaylene W. Gaylene’s chronic asthma did not improve after a course of traditional treatment. After her acupuncture treatments, her physician, Mark Ebadi, M.D., wrote Lixin the following letter, dated March 16, 2007: “I am happy to report that following treatment with acupuncture, her asthma is quite mild and intermittent at this point. Her lung function is better than has ever been before. Her FEV1 (forced expiratory volume) is 3.43, which is 106 percent of predicted for her age and height. She believes you have cured her asthma and I do not disagree.”

ASTHMA: Vanda B. has suffered from asthma off and on for twenty plus years. She was waking up every morning wheezing and short of breath, unable to walk up and down the stairs with full strength. One day an asthma attack sent her to the emergency room. This attack was brought on by swimming and the chlorine exposure. She was put on a breathing treatment with a nebulizer; and also prescribed oral prednisone accompanied by an albuterol inhaler. She was told to follow up with her regular physician where she knew she would have to be prescribed even more meds. Exhausted from being down this road before, Vanda decided to try something different. She began treatments here for her asthma on April 20, 09. During her first initial consultation Dr. Zhang informed her that her lung energy was at approximately 30%, which meant that her energy was very weak. After receiving 17 treatments from Zhang and Ross, her lung energy is now at approximately 80-90%. She hardly ever wakes up wheezing or short of breath anymore. She feels so much better and truly believes she will be cured of her asthma once and for all. On June 27th and 28th of June Vanda rode on a 150 mile bike ride for MS where she and Dr. Zhang were confident in her breathing capabilities. She finished each 75 mile day in 5.5 hours!

ACID REFLUX: Last spring, I was very uncomfortable and concerned about an acid reflux condition. The OTC acid blocker was not helping much, and I really did not want to start experimenting with—or depending on– prescription chemistry. The year before, Dr. Lixin had cured arthritis pain in my knee, and so I asked if he could do anything for this. As usual, he was clear and confident in his ability to treat the problem, describing a recent successful treatment for a patient whose problem was more severe than my own. But this time, his treatment showed results faster than either of us thought. After the second visit I started to feel some relief, and two visits after that, with no reminders gurgling up from my stomach almost forgot I had it. I was amazed. I recommend Dr. Lixin for treatment of acid reflux and among many other things. He is a gifted healer. John – October 2011

ACNE: With adult acne scarring her skin deeply, Sandrine’s significant other, a patient of Lixin’s, brought her in for treatments. Her treatment consisted of one needle in each ankle, yet in only six weeks, her acne was gone and her face completely free of scarring.

ACUTE BACK PAIN: Ron was in such severe pain from his back spasms he called in for an emergency appointment. Lixin examined him, asking him to bend at the waist – an impossible request. Yet, after inserting a needle in his arm, Ron was able to bend and felt immediate relief from the stabbing pain. After four treatments, his back pain was gone and he credits acupuncture with resolving a long-lasting problem!

BACK PAIN: My mother, Audrey K. who is now 85 has been going to Lixin Acupuncture Clinics for regular appointments since December 2007. Her reason for starting was herniated discs in her lower back that in turn caused the sciatic nerve to send pain down her leg and in to her ankle. Her conventional Doctor suggested surgery which has many drawbacks, intense pain and downtime from your life, or spinal injections which are very dangerous. She did go through the injections which did nothing for her. That started the search for alternative medicine. And were we lucky……. we found Lixin right off the bat. He has kept her out of surgery and mobile. She drives her Subaru and is able to keep an active and independent life. But the story doesn’t end there…she sprained her ankle really bad January 2013 and once we got her back on schedule to Lixin it was almost instant relief from the pain. This man is truly and expert in his field. I cannot find enough words to describe how professional and talented he is. I would highly recommend him as I am positive he can help you. As a side benefit his clinic offers much more than just acupuncture for a multitude of symptoms. Plus you will get a heavy dose of “peace of mind” knowing you did the right thing. It has been amazing! - February 2013

BELL’S PALSY: Khyyam C. was diagnosed with a condition called Bell’s Palsy, in effect paralyzing the right side of his face. He was treated conventionally for six months, but still could not control that side of his face and still could not drink from a glass. He was referred to Lixin by a neurologist, and after only three weeks, he was able to close his lips tightly and puff out his cheeks, which he had been unable to do before treatment. He can finally enjoy drinking a glass of water without spilling!

BRAIN INJURY: The clinical history of Richard Ohmart, M.D., who had a brain injury after falling on an icy pavement near his Oakley, Kansas home is equally astounding. He was flown to Denver General for surgery. Subsequent to the surgery to relieve bleeding in his brain, he was put on life support. His physician then advised the family to remove him from the life support equipment. But the chief nurse on his case referred Dr. Ohmart to Dr. Zhang, who treated him with acupuncture for eight months. Dr. Ohmart has completely recovered and discusses his acupuncture treatment in a book he wrote about his ordeal entitled, “When I Died, An Amazing Adventure.”

CHRONIC BACK PAIN: Mike O. and Denis P. both underwent back surgeries due to chronic back pain and degenerative bone disease. Unfortunately the back pain recurred, impeding their movements and impacting their quality of life. They both tried various other courses of treatment with little success. After a relatively short period of treatment, both reported increased mobility and are now pain free. Two great success stories that show acupuncture can be a great option for treatment of back pain!

CHRONIC DIARRHEA: Then there’s the case of Jamie W. For three years, Jamie suffered debilitating diarrhea shortly after every meal. Although medical doctors were unable to help, it only took two acupuncture treatments with Lixin to bring the condition under control. After two months, Jamie’s digestive system was back to normal.

CHRONIC DIARRHEA: Crete W. also suffered from chronic diarrhea for years, since 1988, and tried every type of treatment Western medicine had to offer. Finally, after her daughter heard Lixin’s talk at the Brain Injury Association annual meeting in Vail, she came in for a consultation in December 2006, and agreed to Lixin’s treatment plan. After only four months of treatment, she happily reported her digestion is excellent and she is no longer taking the steroid medication her physician had prescribed.

CHRONIC FATIGUE/SORE THROAT: Jiri H. is a patient whose long ordeal with fatigue and a chronic sore throat also found relief in the hands of Dr. Zhang. Jiri was visiting from the Czech Republic. He had been suffering from daily symptoms of sore throat and fatigue for over 15 years. He had exhausted all Western Medicinal treatments to no avail. He began treatments with Dr. Zhang in October of 2008, by November; he reported new found energy and no more sore throat.

CHRONIC KNEE PAIN: Beverly had suffered terrible knee pain for more than ten years, without any relief from several other therapies. Her husband heard Lixin speak at a service club meeting and suggested she try acupuncture. She began treatments in October of 2007 and continued into February of 2008. Near the end of her last couple of treatments she reported her pain at a 1 on a scale of 1-10! Her ten year pain was cured in less than four months of acupuncture!

CHRONIC NECK PAIN: “I did a shallow dive in Feb 2013. I had two contusions, loss of sight for several days and major neck trauma. I was unable to stand from the trauma for several months, almost 2 years after I had constant chronic neck pain. I would try and stretch in discomfort and have trouble riding in cars, etc. My neck wouldn’t adjust and I couldn’t turn in comfort. I saw Dr. Lixin for acupuncture on my neck. I had IMMEDIATE relief within minutes after the visit. Also, that night my neck adjusted and could turn without pain. I am not in pain and feel like my accident never happened. I’m continuing my acupuncture once a week for the next few months, to complete the cure. Thank you.” – Dana H. (February 2015)

CROHN’S DISEASE: I’ve had Crohn’s disease for over 25 years, but over the past several years my symptoms increased. The disease had spread from my descending to my ascending colon. I was put on Remicade infusions for nearly two years (not fun) and then progressed to Humira. This is all in addition to the ‘normal’ dosages of Imuran and Asacol.  My wife had been seeing Lixin for back pain and finally persuaded me to go for a visit. On the first visit, Lixin stated he could actually cure my Crohn’s disease. I was skeptical, as western medicine insists Crohn’s has no cure.  After a few months of treatment, my symptoms began to recede. After a few more months, Lixin encouraged me to gradually begin reducing my dosage amounts.  I had a few ups and downs over this period, but generally had encouraging results.  I’ve now been off of the drugs for several months and I’ve been symptom free. I have two acupuncture sessions weekly which will also be tailored down over time.  All I can say at this point: Lixin turned a skeptic into a believer. There’s no way I could go this long without supporting drugs if acupuncture didn’t work. As other reviewers have stated, Lixin is a genuine person who cares about his patients. Highly recommended.  – David G. (2010)

DIABETES/WEIGHT LOSS: Mark R. is another patient who realized the healing power of Eastern medicine. In 2002, Mark came to Dr. Zhang to alleviate back, neck, and shoulder pain and persistent headaches. After just a few treatments his pain subsided. He returned to Lixin in mid July of 2008 after being diagnosed with Diabetes, his blood sugar level was 252. In a little over a month, of acupuncture and herbal treatment, his blood sugar was under control measuring in at a level of 93, he had lost 18 lbs and he was able to continue his newly found, active lifestyle.

ENDOMETRIOSIS: Celena J. is another extraordinary case. Celena had chronic pain due to endometriosis for over 12 years. She rated her constant pain at a 6, sometimes up to 9, on a scale of 1-10. After exhausting all Western Medicine to stop the pain…including having her uterus, gall bladder and pancreas removed, as well as, having had gastric bypass surgery, Celena came to Lixin for emergency pain management. After just one treatment, Celina reported that her pain all but ceased! Had Celena been informed of the healing potential of acupuncture sooner, her life changing surgeries could have been avoided. Fortunately her pain was managed by acupuncture.

ECZEMA: I have been afflicted with eczema for over 60 years.  I have been to general physicians, dermatologists, and allergy specialists with no long term relief for my skin condition.  I was told my condition was caused by food allergies, a nutritional deficiency, stress and many other things.  The doctors prescribed steroid injections, steroid creams such as hydrocortisone, anti-itch pills and various diets.  I did receive some temporary relief but was not thrilled with the many side effects.  I met Dr. Zhang at the Sales Pros meeting and thought acupuncture might be the answer.  Dr. Zhang said it could take a long time to cure my condition since I have had it so long, but we would be able to see the healing.  After the 6th session I noticed a remarkable difference in my skin color especially in my face.  The color was no longer a flaming, angry red, rather, it was slowly progressing to lighter and lighter shades of pink and then to normal looking skin.  My arms and hands began to actually heal and the itching and scaling has decreased.  I know I have quite a journey ahead, but seeing is believing. – Tom H.

ESOPHAGEAL SPASM:  I started seeing Dr. Li Xin Zhang when my gastric problems became significant. I found I was suffering with esophageal spasm, which resulted in food or liquid getting stuck in my esophagus and eventually throwing up. The symptoms had progressed so that I was throwing up daily. I had checked the NIH and Mayo Clinic sites which stated that some patients did well with acupuncture. Not knowing many people in Denver, I started reviewing web sites for references. I found very good reviews for the Li Xin Clinic. After an initial diagnosis, I started seeing Dr. Zhang 2/wk. He had told me that it might take several months of treatment. Almost from the beginning, I found immediate relief, with my symptoms abating within several visits. Dr. Zhang is very informative and willing to answer any questions I had. He also offers Tai Chi and Chi Quong classes, which I would recommend.  (2012)

FIBROMYALGIA: I have been going to Dr. Zhang for over 5 years now. He has treated me for migraines, bronchitis, endometriosis, colitis, and most recently fibromyalgia. A few years ago, I was experiencing migraines on a regular basis, and I had one migraine in particular that lasted 3 weeks long. I had exhausted western medicine prescriptions that were being thrown at me by doctors and called Dr. Zhang to see if he could help with the issue. After the first treatment for my migraine, the three week pain subsided and the pressure was gone. I was amazed that all it took was one treatment and wished I had thought of acupuncture for migraines sooner. Ever since then, I have been going to Dr. Zhang for every ailment or sickness I experience. Most recently, I discovered I had the early on-set of fibromyalgia. I had been feeling miserable and it was hard to just get out of bed. I finally got myself out of bed and to Dr. Zhang’s, and after a few treatments I was feeling so much better and was able to function again. Acupuncture has been a savior in my life at many times, and Dr. Zhang is by far the best acupuncturist I have ever been to. I don’t know what I would do without Dr. Zhang in my life. Jessica – July 2011

GASTROINTESTINAL PROBLEMS:  I came to Lixin Acupuncture because of problems in keeping food down. Dr. Lixin Zhang was able to help me moderate the problem so that I could eat and not throw food up. I completed treatment in less than 2 months and am completely satisfied with the treatment outcomes. Dr. Zhang would always answer my questions and an excellent therapist. I would wholeheartedly recommend this treatment and the clinic. Tim M. (2013)

HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE: I’ve been seeing Dr. Zhang for about a month, I became his patient because my wife sees him for a brain injury she received from a deadly case of Viral Encephalitis in 2012. I was going to visits with her on a regular basis and one morning he looked at me and said, “Let me see your tongue”. After showing him he said that he would like to examine me further, so I set an appointment.  When I came to my first appointment my blood pressure it was 200/120! Dr. Zhang seemed very concerned and spoke very honestly with me about the health risks I was facing. He was very straight forward and told me that I needed to get the blood pressure under control immediately.  He started a treatment plan for me.  This plan was adjusted as time went along and my blood pressure became lower. My blood pressure is at normal levels now.  I’m thankful he asked to see my tongue that morning, and that he was able to help me. He gave me direction on eating and exercises in addition to the moxibustion and herbal treatments. Dr. Zhang is an excellent physician; I can’t thank him enough for everything he has done for me and my family.  -Mike M.

HIP PAIN: For years I have had discomfort I my right hip.  The discomfort gradually turned into disabling pain that caused me to limp.  Walking had become exhausting and very painful.  More than the pain, I worried about losing my job because I couldn’t walk.   Several weeks ago I saw a doctor at an osteopathic center.  After looking at my x-rays, she told me I qualified and needed a hip replacement right away.  There was a conversation about being disabled.  That term surprised and frightened me.  I didn’t like the idea of surgery because of the endless difficulties and pain I’ve endured after ankle surgery many years ago. I have seen Dr. Zhang for a brief period of time for acupuncture treatments.  My improvement has been incredible.  When I first started, my mobility was severely limited.  I couldn’t walk without a limp.  I couldn’t walk very far, my stamina was gone, and the pain was so bad when I was in bed that it woke me up.  Going up stairs was horrible.  I would step up with my good leg and then bring up the other, then step up again with my good leg.  Dr. Zhang’s acupuncture has really been a miracle.  My level of pain is way less.  I am more productive at my job and on days when we are very active I can hold my own and complete the tasks given me.  If I limp, it’s very slight.  My pain level is greatly reduced from the 8 or 9 to a 1 or 2 level.  Although stairs remain a challenge, I can go up the stairs on two feet.  I have taken our dog for walks for the first time in months.  This last Saturday I had my first pain-free day in months and months.   Thank you, Dr. Zhang.  ~ Paula W.

HIP PAIN, POOR CIRCULATION, and WEIGHT GAIN: Pat came in to have her hip pain and poor circulation treated. During the course of her treatment, she was surprised to notice that she also started losing the large amount of weight she had gained during her inability to exercise. After her hip was healed, she asked Lixin to continue treating her for weight gain. Able to once again participate in an exercise program, she now reports losing a total of 78 pounds and feeling much healthier. She reports shopping for clothes is fun again.

INFANTILE SPASMS: Maximus J., our youngest patient at the age of two was born with a brain malformation which unfortunately led to a diagnosis of Infantile Spasms at only 5 months old. Before receiving acupuncture from Dr. Zhang, Maximus carried a heavy history of up to and over 100 seizures per day. Once he began his Ketogenic diet and numerous medications, constipation arrived alongside of vomiting; fortunately his seizures dropped to around 40 per day. The results of the new medications and diet just weren’t cutting it for Teresa. Luckily Teresa found Lixin Acupuncture Clinics online and called shortly after! Since Maximus has begun his treatments here with Dr. Zhang, Maximus’s seizures have radically dropped from 40 per day to around 9 a day! Just recently his Ketogenic diet has been disagreeing with his body and usually is thrown up, however acupuncture has been able to help stop the vomiting!

LOWER BACK PAIN: I am a patient with several lumbar spine conditions- a herniated disc between 4 and 5, severe stenosis, scoliosis, and spondylolisthesis. Eight years ago, I was told by a surgeon that I needed back surgery right away and by a neurosurgeon not to have spine surgery because it would cause other back surgeries to be necessary. I have been treated with muscle relaxants and pain medication, physical therapy, warm water exercise, a home exercise program, epidurals (as needed), and some osteopathic adjustments. I have enjoyed some relief with these treatments until the past year, 2011, when the pain became overwhelming. At that point I was ready to be operated on no matter what the risk. I was evaluated again by a neurosurgeon, had a three-part back MRI and several cortisone epidurals – all unsuccessful. All previous helpful treatment was causing me to flare up in more pain. I was told I am not a candidate for surgery and must learn to live with the chronic pain.

No one suggested I try acupuncture until this past August of 2011. I started acupuncture twice a week for several months and the pain has decreased until I am now taking 50% less pain pills per day. I am continuing with treatment by Dr. LiXin who tells me I will continue to get better until I can stop all pain medication. I believe him because I have improved so dramatically already. I am so surprised the insurance industry and medical providers have not adopted acupuncture for both regular tuning up of the body as well as treatment of diseases. Acupuncture is well grounded in fact and science, it’s just that western practitioners don’t always understand how it works. My overall health is improving as I continue treatment. C.H. – January 2012

UPDATE: I have continued treatment with LiXin for another 6 months and my back pain has diminished to the point I only need minimal pain medication – C.H. – June 2012

LOU GEHRIG’S DISEASE: Another astonishing case is the case of Hazel Livingston. Hazel Livingston was diagnosed with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (Lou Gehrig’s disease) and given a terminal prognosis. She was treated by Dr. Zhang beginning October of 2006 and continued treatments for two years after that. Great improvements were seen with her slurred speech, her ability to walk, and her coordination overall. Acupuncture strengthened her neuromuscular system by strengthening her deep energy!

MIGRAINE HEADACHES: I have suffered from migraines and headaches for over 20 years. I have seen the top neurologists and headache specialists in Denver. After experiencing terrible results with treatments ranging from Topamax to Maxalt, I have finally found the treatment that has taken me down from 11 pain scale on a scale of 1-10 to 0… I am headache free for the first time in years. It took only three visits to Dr. Zhang to achieve a pain-free existence. I am so grateful! Kelly- Dec 2010

MIGRAINE HEADACHE: SEVERE: Nadira Patterson had a severe migraine that started October 6th. She went to the Emergency Room twice but her migraine did not go away. After she suffered for a week, she came to see Dr. Zhang. After her first visit, her headache disappeared. This was mid-October, 2010, and her headache has not come back.

MIGRAINES: Intractable migraine headaches plagued Nadira for several days, forcing her to miss work and keeping her home bound. After one treatment, she reported feeling much better. She was able to return to her job, and credits acupuncture with what she calls a miracle treatment.

MULTIPLE SCLEROSIS: “I want to start by saying going to Lixin Acupuncture Clinic is one of the best experiences that I have ever had since being diagnosed with multiple sclerosis approximately fifteen years ago.  I’ve been on numerous steroid and medical injection treatments for flare-ups of my neurological disorder, MS. They gave me short-term relief with negative drawbacks on my health but the acupuncture treatments really relieve my aches and pains.  Recently, I had surgery and as a result it made my pulse weak in my right wrist. After my first acupuncture treatment I was once again able to feel a strong pulse. I’m also gradually beginning to have feeling in my lower extremities and soles of my feet. My balance is better and I’m able to walk on the treadmill without holding on to the handlebars. It feels as though my legs are thawing out and coming to life.   I don’t know how this treatment works but thanks to Dr. Li Xin Zhang it is changing my life and I’m beginning to feel ‘normal’ again. I even seem to be sleeping better and have a more positive outlook overall. I am unsure why my results are happening so quickly but I’m grateful and want the world to know.”- Ray J. (May 2014)

MULTIPLE SCLEROSIS/NECK PAIN: Kerri A. realized that her current route of medical care provided for her after injuring her neck was going nowhere. She strained her neck on the job which caused pain all throughout the neck and numbness in her arms and hands; causing her too much pain to work. She saw her regular Physician who had prescribed her pain medication for her neck, but had not taken care of the tingly feeling she was experiencing up and down both arms and hands. The doctors were unclear of her condition until they took a blood sample and an MRI and found she had a late onset of Multiple Sclerosis that was caused from her neck strain. Devastated by the diagnosis and determined to get help, Kerri decided to see Dr. Lixin Zhang. On March 6, 2009 Kerri had her first consultation with Dr. Zhang where she immediately felt a difference. Her hand pain and neck pain were gone and the numbness in her arms was greatly reduced. “Since the treatments, my balance is better, my pain is managed, and every treatment gets me closer to recovery,” eagerly said by Kerri.

NERVE DAMAGE DUE TO INTERNAL BLEEDING: In 2006, Scott bled internally for 6 weeks from a medical mishap. His nerves were damaged from the blood in his leg, and his muscles on the front of his leg lost strength. A year later, Scott fell and broke his leg which required surgery and installation of 2 plates. He also has a chronic cellulite infection, which is a common type of infection from poor blood circulation commonly found in people with diabetes. In December of 2008 Scott came to Lixin Acupuncture for his initial examination and treatment. After only one treatment, Scott already noticed a difference in the strength of his leg. After every treatment, he noticed the feeling in his leg improved, his muscles gained more strength, and his infection cleared due to improved blood circulation.

PANCREATITIS:  I am a professional nurse.  I started as a total skeptic in acupuncture, but now I am a total believer. I had 2 episodes of acute pancreatitis in Jan/Feb 2010. I came to visit my mother in October this year in Denver and had another acute episode, in which a part of my pancreas’s blood vessels had ruptured.  After being rushed to the Emergency Room, I was in the hospital for 9 days suffering with stomach pain, back pain, nausea, fever and unable to sleep even after being given painkillers every four hours.  Once discharged, I was taking painkillers every 6 hours but still had extreme stomach pain and back pain, fever, nausea and exhaustion from lack of sleep.  My mom took me to see Dr. Zhang.  Dr. Zhang took care of me daily for 4 days until my flight back home. After the first treatment, my intense stomach and sensitive back pain disappeared and I was able to sleep well all night.  After the second visit, I was able to stop taking the painkillers.  After the third visit, my nausea ceased.  When I left for home after the fourth visit, I felt the best I have felt this whole year. I am so very thankful for his expertise, knowledge and guidance. Dr. Zhang, thank you again for helping me through this intense time. Blessings to you and your staff….I look forward to find an acupuncturist as good as you here at home! – Julie M. (2011)

PARALYSIS: Post surgery, Martha Gibbs was confined to a wheelchair, unable to walk. Dr. Zhang started treating her with acupuncture in April of 2006. He diagnosed her as having post-surgical paralysis of both legs, with the left leg worse than the right. Within 2 months and continued acupuncture treatments, she started walking, first, using parallel bars and then progressed to walking with a walker. She has since recovered the use of her legs and walks unaided. Dr. Zhang has treated more than 100 cases of post-operative paralysis, often coupled with incontinence, and found that most cases can be reversed, despite medical opinion to the contrary.

PENIS PAIN: I am a 53 year old male patient of Dr. Li Xin Zhang, and I am submitting this testimonial in October 2011 with the hope that other men that are suffering from post gonorrhea pain in their penis can be cured from this condition as I was. I suffered from this pain for over 25 years; during this time I received treatment from internal medicine doctors, infectious disease doctors, urologists, alternative medicine doctors, herbalists, and psychologists. Although all of these practitioners tried, none of them could alleviate the daily chronic pain I was experiencing. I did not find relief until Dr. Zhang cured my condition in 2010. Using techniques that Dr. Zhang has acquired over a lifetime dedicated to healing through acupuncture he treated me from March 2008 through July 2010 and I am now pain free. I currently see Dr. Zhang once every three to six months only for maintenance treatments for this condition. If you are a man, have been cured of the gonorrhea infection through the use of antibiotics, but are still experiencing pain in your penis I strongly urge you to contact Dr. Zhang to see if he can help you.


The preceding testimonial is a synopsis of a long and painful experience that spanned a period of over 25 years. Realizing that people are busy, the purpose of the synopsis is to allow you to avoid the trouble of reading a long story about my bout with this condition. So if you are seeking help, and the above synopsis answers your question of “Is there is a cure for post gonorrhea pain in the penis?” you need not read any further because the answer is yes. On the other hand, realizing that some people do want to know as much information as possible about others who have been cured from an illness that they themselves are suffering from, I have taken the time to write the details of my bout with post gonorrhea pain from beginning to end. In the year 1983 the woman that I was in an exclusive relationship with had been cheating on me behind my back and infected me with the venereal disease gonorrhea. This is an extremely miserable disease which caused excruciating pain in my penis. Once infected, I visited my primary care physician who diagnosed the disease and immediately prescribed antibiotics. The antibiotics cured the gonorrhea, but for some reason a small percentage of the stinging pain remained in my penis. In an effort to quantify this pain, I would say that about 3% of the pain remained after the disease was cured. 3% may not sound like a lot of pain, however I can assure you that this is a significant percentage and this lingering pain caused me an extreme hardship both physically and mentally for over 25 years. Since I was still in pain I returned to my primary care physician and told him that although the antibiotics significantly reduced my pain, this lower level of pain that I was still experiencing was intolerable. It should be noted that the fact that a lingering pain remained in my penis made my case an anomaly because gonorrhea is a curable disease, when others are treated with antibiotics they are cured and experience no further pain. The reasons why I am different and still had a problem after the disease was cured remains unknown to this day. At this time my Doctor assumed that I still had an infection and prescribed a different antibiotic for me – after finishing this new prescription the problem persisted. Throughout the year my Doctor continued to prescribe one antibiotic after another, none of these antibiotics eliminated the pain. I decided to seek help from specialists, and for the next several years I was examined by an infectious disease Doctor and by two different urologists. I was subjected to painful examinations while the Doctors tried to diagnose my condition. A diagnosis could not be reached, and at one point one of the urologists prescribed a treatment plan where I drove to the hospital twice a day for ten days for an injection of a powerful antibiotic (the name of the antibiotic escapes me and I no longer have these old medical records). When this treatment also did not work I asked the Doctor if he knew of any other solutions, or if there were any other types of antibiotics that could be used to try to help me. I remember him saying that this last treatment was the “nuclear bomb of antibiotics”, and he was out of options and could not offer any other treatments. Although I tried not to lose hope, it seemed that there was no cure; I just assumed that modern medicine had not advanced far enough, and the Doctors simply did not understand what this condition was. Obviously, without a diagnosis there can be no cure. The years continued to go by, and I had to live with the pain. At one point someone suggested to me that since I had seen several Doctors and none of them could find anything wrong with me, maybe the pain I was experiencing was really just all in my head and I should seek help from a psychologist. Being at my wits end and willing to try anything I began meeting with a psychologist on a weekly basis. However, my problem was not psychosomatic, and I did not experience any relief from my pain from these meetings. I read books that described techniques on how to deal with chronic pain. One book I read taught me how to focus and “soothe” the pain away through concentration and visualization. But ultimately this did not work, the pain always returned and continued to torment me. I began to seek help from alternative providers. In the early 1990s I was treated by a naturopathic Doctor that prescribed some herb therapy. His treatments actually did reduce the pain somewhat, but then the herb treatments became ineffective and the pain returned. During this time I remember I met with another acupuncture Doctor (not Dr. Zhang) and he told me he had never heard of this condition, and he would not be able to treat me for it. In 1996 I met with a woman that sold herbs through a multi level marketing company. She believed she could help and she began selling herbs to me. To my amazement the pain began to abate very very slowly. After taking herbs for several months I was pain free for the first time in thirteen years. At times the pain would return and then the woman would change the herbs she was giving me. I continued this herb treatment for years, but then unfortunately this treatment also became ineffective eventually and the pain once again returned. I then endured the pain for several more years. In the 2000 decade I met with another alternative Doctor. He theorized that I was suffering from what he called a low level “smoldering” infection and he placed me on an herb regimen. I remember these herbs would relieve the pain but only for a month or so. When the pain would return he would then change the herbs I was taking, but then the same pattern would repeat itself; I would feel better but then the pain would always return. He probably changed the herbs six or eight times, and finally these herb treatments stopped working completely. Finally in the year 2008 I spoke with Dr. Zhang about the chronic pain I had endured in my penis for over 25 years. Dr. Zhang had a theory that was completely different from any of the other Doctors; he told me that my current problem was caused by nerve damage that the gonorrhea had caused, and if I elected to be treated by him his treatments would focus on repairing the nerves in this region of my body. He also explained to me that since my urinary system had been injured and under distress for so long it was in a weakened state which made me more susceptible to infections in my urinary system. Finally, the experience of being in pain for so long has caused an alteration in my brain, meaning that my brain had perceived this pain for so long that being in pain was now a “normal” condition, and once the nerve damage in my urinary system was repaired my brain would also need to be treated to return it to its natural state of being pain free. Dr. Zhang told me he had successfully treated men for post gonorrhea pain while he was practicing acupuncture in China, and although he had never treated someone that had suffered from the condition as long as I have he was confident that he could cure the problem. Dr. Zhang began treating me with acupuncture and herb therapy three times a week on March 10, 2008. After the first three treatments the 3% pain that I was experiencing had been significantly reduced. After eight visits the pain was gone. I was beginning to feel optimistic at this point, however, I was not yet cured because there was still a “feeling” of discomfort in my penis. This discomfort feeling is difficult to describe, it was not pain, but a sensation that something was not exactly right in this part of my body. Dr Zhang explained to me that this discomfort feeling needed to be treated or it would worsen and become the pain once again. I continued the treatments. There were times when this discomfort feeling would be absent for a month or two, meaning I would be completely pain free, and then the discomfort feeling (again, this was not “pain”) would return. In these instances Dr. Zhang would continue to treat me, and he would be successful in making the discomfort feeling go away. I remember there was one time when Dr. Zhang was having difficulty making the discomfort feeling go away. As he had explained when he started treating me, this part of my body was more susceptible to infections because my condition had gone untreated for so long. Based on this information I made an appointment with my primary care physician and he examined some fluid that he extracted from my penis by applying pressure to my prostate, and he discovered that I did have a small urinary infection – he prescribed antibiotics and cured this infection. Once this infection was cured my acupuncture treatments from Dr. Zhang continued to be successful. My last regular treatment for post gonorrhea pain was on July 21, 2010. I am now pain free. Dr. Zhang only treats me for this condition on a maintenance level because very infrequently (meaning once every three to six months) the discomfort feeling only (not the pain) returns. Dr. Zhang is able to eliminate these infrequent discomfort feelings with only one or two maintenance treatments. The pain has never returned. I will always owe Dr. Zhang a debt of the most sincere gratitude for healing this condition. He has allowed me to be normal once again. Essentially he has given me a new pain free lease on life. Where a plethora of other health care professionals had failed, Dr. Zhang emerged successful. His treatments were literally an answer to my prayers. In conclusion, I would only like to share that Dr. Zhang has told me that my case was the most difficult post gonorrhea pain that he had ever treated in his entire career. It took him over two years to cure me because my condition went untreated for so long. I would have needed a fraction of these treatments if I would have sought help from him significantly sooner. It saddens me to think that there are other men out there who are suffering from post gonorrhea pain and are seeking help from their Doctors and getting nowhere. Suffering from post gonorrhea pain for 25 years had added a level of difficulty to practically every aspect of my entire adult life. I had to suffer from this starting from when I was a very young man, only 25 years old, and was not cured until I was in my 50s. Every experience of happiness was dampened to some degree by this constant pain. It was as if my body was always under attack. The pain affected my disposition negatively; I simply could not be a happy person while I was experiencing this constant pain. If you are afflicted by this condition I wholeheartedly recommend Dr. Zhang, and I urge you to seek help from him as soon as possible.

I prefer not to list my name on the internet, however if you have a need to speak to me I have told Dr. Zhang that I will agree to speak to you about this experience if that is what you need.

PERSISTENT RASH and STRESS: Yet another skin condition plagued Dan C. Dan had a persistent rash that recurred annually since he was eight years old. He initially came in to deal with high stress levels, but after that condition was treated successfully, asked if acupuncture could be helpful in relieving the rash he had suffered with for 30 years. In a relatively short time, that itchy, unpleasant condition was cleared up and he was astonished at the positive results of acupuncture.

PLANTAR FASCIITIS: I first visited Lixin several years ago after a diagnosis of plantar fasciitis. I could barely walk into his office and after the first treatment, walked normally and returned to regular walking, running and hiking. After two more visits I had no heel pain whatsoever. At Lixin’s suggestion I began having tune-ups every six months to keep my body in balance, increase strength and aid in combating stress. My overall sense of well-being prevails.Recently I experienced severe pain in my right hip that radiated down the outside of my leg to my ankle. I saw Lixin immediately and began treatment. I also saw my primary care doctor at Kaiser Permanente. After a complete exam she prescribed acupuncture, yoga and provided exercises I could begin to do when the intense pain subsided. I am grateful that acupuncture provides drug-free non-invasive treatment in a calm environment where the body is able to begin to heal itself. I am even more grateful that I have become a patient of Lixin. -Karen M. (2013)

PLANTAR FASCIITIS: Yet another amazing case history is that of Debra R. Debbie, a marathon runner came in diagnosed with plantar fasciitis, an inflammation of the ligament on the sole of the foot. This made running impossible and even walking painful. After only four treatments, Debbie is back running marathons and taking long walks with her dogs.

PLANTAR FASCIITIS: Plantar fasciitis also weighed down Melany. For ten months, Melany was unable to plant her foot firmly and soon complained of hip pain caused by her inability to walk correctly. She rejected the option of surgery; instead, another acupuncturist suggested she see Lixin, who cured the condition in only four visits. In fact, her surgeon was so impressed with the treatment; he told Melany if he ever developed plantar fasciitis, he would seek acupuncture rather than surgery.

RESTLESS LEG SYNDROME: “I have been a patient at Lixin Acupuncture for a little more than a year. When I first sought treatment, I was at a very unhealthy point in my life. I had for many months been experiencing quite heavy menstrual bleeding and, as a result, was very weak. That problem ultimately was addressed by a hysterectomy. The other, extremely annoying problem was restless leg syndrome. The symptoms of this condition, as I experienced them, occurred for about 12 hours each evening and through most of the night, and can be described as tingling and extreme discomfort in the legs and pelvis unless I was moving – meaning it was impossible to sit down to read a book, watch TV, or even sleep. There literally was nothing that was not uncomfortable. I did not know until coming to lixin Acupuncture, that the two problems were related. I also had no hope of gaining medical assistance through avenues previously known to me through western medicine. Of the two doctors from whom I sought help, one offered essentially no assistance. The second prescribed medication that is used to treat Parkinson’s Disease and which, I was assured, would result in nausea. I also likely would need to take this medication the rest of my life. Had the medication not been so extreme or laden with such intrusive side effects, I likely would have followed that course of treatment. However, I was reluctant to subject myself to such medication. I found Lixin Acupuncture online and began treatment. Through treatment, my symptoms gradually lessened both in length of time and severity. I now am “comfortable,” which is a state most of us take for granted. My legs are still, I am comfortable, I can sleep, and I have no medication or debilitating side effects with which to contend. While my treatment is not yet complete, I can see a light at the end of the tunnel. I also can say I feel as healthy as I have in years. While it involves more of a time commitment than taking a pill once per day, I am grateful to have found this option and to be feeling so good.” Karen G.

SEVERE ARM INJURY: Eva W. is another dramatic example of the healing power of acupuncture. In August of 2006, Eva was at an outdoor concert. As she was leaving the concert, it began to rain. Eva, who was carrying a snack and drink cooler, started running to get out from the downpour. Eva slipped and fell, face first to the ground onto her outstretched arms. She was knocked unconscious and was taken away by an ambulance. A few days after her release from the hospital, Eva began to have burning sensations in her arms that mimicked the symptoms of shingles. She was sent to specialists, who tested her for two weeks for shingles. Having found no sign of shingles, Eva was put on medication to alleviate her pain. The pain persisted and the medication had side effects that seemed unbearable to Eva so she stopped taking it. For two years, Eva endured constant, chronic pain in her arms that even made the touch of the clothing on her arms and bed sheets at night seem excruciating. So in 2008 when Dr. Zhang gave a seminar to the Optimist Club where her husband is a member, her husband suggested Eva try acupuncture with Lixin in attempt to end her long and painful ordeal. Eva began treatments with Dr. Zhang in October of 2008 and by Thanksgiving she was entirely pain free.

SHINGLES:  A few years ago I suffered from an extremely painful case of shingles. The blisters, rash, and pain extended from my neck all the way down my left arm and into my thumb. I was prescribed the conventional anti viral medication by my Doctor, however once the rash and blisters cleared up about 95% of the pain remained. When pain persists after the shingles rash clears it is a condition known as postherpetic neuralgia. I told my Doctor that I was still in severe pain, and he advised me that there was no cure for postherpetic neuralgia and I would have to learn to handle the pain. Discouragingly even the Mayo Clinic’s website agrees that there is no cure for postherpetic neuralgia.The pain was unbearable and I needed to find relief so I sought help from an alternative medicine Doctor (not Dr. Zhang). This Doctor gave me several acupuncture treatments that were ineffective.Next I consulted with Dr. Zhang and he advised me that he had successfully treated postherpetic neuralgia in the past and would be able to help me. After only one acupuncture treatment from Dr. Zhang the pain level amazingly dropped down to about 40%. I scheduled acupuncture appointments for three times a week, and after another week of treatments from Dr. Zhang the pain had dropped down to 10%. After five weeks of treatments I was completely pain free.I owe a most sincere debt of gratitude to Dr. Zhang for healing this ailment and I highly recommend him to anyone who is suffering from chronic pain.  Nathan G. (2013)

SHOULDER PAIN: Sally came in complaining she could not raise her left arm due to excruciating shoulder pain. After only four treatments, her pain had subsided immensely, allowing her to go about her daily routines without restrictions. Rose experienced the same pain killing response that Sally had from the treatment, except she felt a huge improvement just after her first treatment!

STROKE: Roy Wendelin, who was in an assisted living center, was unable to walk following a stroke. After three months of physical and occupational therapy as well as medication, there had been no progress. A patient of Dr. Zhang’s referred the case to him. At the first visit, Mr. Wendelin had zero degree paralysis in the right leg and three degree paralysis in the right arm. After only four visits (two weeks), Mr. Wendelin’s right leg was up to a three-degree paralysis. It went from completely immobile to the ability to life up, with the right arm nearing normal. After three months of acupuncture treatment, Mr. Wendelin was walking and was able to return to his home in June. His right arm is now functioning normally with no signs of paralysis.

STROKE: Lyle had a massive right brain stroke while visiting his sister in Chicago on Memorial Day 2008. Ten months down the road, after intense physical therapy, Lyle and his wife Kriss returned home where there they sought out acupuncture. His physical status upon beginning acupuncture on March 30, 09 was walking with assistance in conjunction with definite balance problems, an immobile hip flexor & knee, and an inadequate left arm. On his third visit Lyle & Kriss were amazed at the height in which he lifted his left arm! Now, after three full months of treatment Lyle can lift his arm past mid-chest! His walking has improved so much that it has Lyle’s physical therapist in amazement. Comparing today with when he started back in March, there is a distinct improvement. His balance is immeasurably better; he rarely falls now because he has the strength to bend at the hip and knee. Kriss is now comfortable in letting him walk with just his cane. He also sees improvements in the feelings in his foot and toes. Kriss is also beginning to see improvements on his mental abilities!

TINNITUS: “A few months ago I got hit in the head with an ‘electronic tail gate’ from a large SUV. When the ringing in my left ear drove me crazy I went to my Doctor who said there wasn’t really much that could help. Possibly acupuncture…My friend Vi recommended Lixin Acupuncture Clinic. Lixin is the best thing that could possibly happen! After visit number 8, I could barely hear the ringing. After the tenth visit; I had to concentrate (when it was silent) to hear the slightest ringing sound. Lixin cured the ringing in my ear. He is incredible! There is hope for people who have that constant ringing in their ears. Make an appointment with Lixin now!” – Wanda M. (June 2015)

TRIGEMINAL NEURALGIA: “When I began treatments with Dr. Lixin Zhang in December 2010, I was suffering constant, severe pain in my face every single day from trigeminal neuralgia. Before going to treatment with Lixin, many days common sounds at normal volumes would trigger severe pain. Some days even the sound of my own voice was intolerable and days would go by when I couldn’t bear the sounds of a normal everyday life. I couldn’t speak or listen to anyone on the phone. It became very painful, isolating and depressing. After going to my regular physician as well as two specialists, I was told there was no cure for my diagnosis unless I wanted to have surgery and still there was no guarantee. I was offered medicine to try to relieve some of the pain. At that point I realized there had to be other alternatives, and was seen by Dr. Lixin. Within 2 weeks of having acupuncture treatment the pain had reduced significantly. It is difficult to express how relieved I am to be able to have Dr. Lixin’s extremely knowledgeable help with not just pain management, but symptom reduction of my trigeminal neuralgia. I have been able to completely avoid all medication/surgery typical with this diagnosis.” My Sincerest Thanks, I. King – Aug 2011

URINARY RETENTION: “I had a hysterectomy in January of 2015 because of a large fibroid.  Because of this fibroid, my uterus was 7 times the size of a normal uterus, making it necessary for my ob/gyn to do an abdominal rather than vaginal or laparoscopic surgery.  Recovery was expected to take six weeks.

After the surgery, I was unable to urinate on my own.  My doctor and the nurses in the hospital assured me that this was a common problem and that “my bladder would wake up soon.”  I came home from the hospital with an indwelling catheter, which was removed three days later and I was taught to use a self catheter, which I did 5-7 times per day.  I also had a lot of abdominal pain, which was unexpected and did not seem to respond to pain medicine.

I never got a clear diagnosis of why I was continuing to have pain or trouble with my bladder, but I am speculating, based on some things my doctor and a consulting urogynocologist said, that my bladder was damaged (probably nerve damage) during removal of my very enlarged uterus.

Both my doctor and the specialist continued to say that the problems would soon resolve, but three months after the surgery, I was still having problems.  The pain had lessened but still prevented me from standing or sitting for more than short periods of time, and any kind of physical activity was out of the question.  And I was still using the catheter 5-7 times per day.

In April, my husband talked me into consulting Lixin, who started acupuncture and herbal treatments.  After the first treatment, the pain was significantly better.  At about two weeks into treatment, the pain was completely gone, and I was able to resume all normal activity, including biking, playing tennis, and strenuous gardening activities.  My elimination problems also responded to treatment almost immediately, with gradual, weekly improvement.  Within 4 weeks after starting treatment, I was only using the catheter twice a day, once in the morning and once before bed.   Eight weeks after starting treatment, I didn’t need to use the catheter at all.

Before meeting with Lixin, I felt pretty pessimistic about the whole situation.  There had been absolutely no improvement in my bladder functioning during the three months following my surgery.  The drugs, exercises, etc. prescribed by my western medicine doctors did not seem to have any impact on the condition.  I thought that I might have to live with chronic pain and self catheters.  However, almost immediately after starting treatment with Lixin, there was dramatic and observable improvement.  Now, six months post surgery, I feel really good and my bladder has returned to its pre-operative functioning.  I attribute this improvement to Lixin’s care and am very grateful to him for restoring my health. ” – Sara H. (August 2015)

“REVIEWS AND COMMENTS”: So Amazing! Lixin really is the real deal! He helped my father’s hand begin to heal in the first visit. This is not typical even for Li Xin’s treatment but it made a believer out of my 80 year old father. – Yahoo Review from Patient’s Son.

As is evidenced by the above treatments and comments, which are only a fraction of Dr. Li Xin Zhang’s success stories, the potential healing effects of acupuncture encompass an almost endless list of ailments including: orthopedic issues, neurological problems, allergies and skin disorders, internal diseases, gastrointestinal problems, psychological disorders, viral diseases, addiction, stress management, gynecological problems, migraines, obesity, prostate and urinary problems and a host of other medical conditions.