Traditional Chinese Medicine has heavily relied on herbal therapies for thousands of years for not only the treatment of illness, but also for health and wellness optimization and dis-ease prevention. Acupuncture paired with an herbal prescription can bring the body back to a homeostatic state where the Yin and Yang are balanced in harmony.

Chinese herbs have strong therapeutic effects that encourage balance within the body, and the risk of compounding health issues arising is diminished because they are all found in nature. Composed of roots, bark, flowers, seeds, fruits, leaves, and branches, each Chinese herb contains its own unique properties, nature, flavor, and meridian target in the body. Herbal medicine is a much safer and far more gentle approach than chemical medicine as there are very limited side effects. Any side effects that may occur are counteracted by different herbs within the formula, making each prescription very unique to each individual. More people are relying on herbal medicine as a natural alternative after conventional medicine has failed.

Herbal Medicine Acupuncture Denver


  • The main goal of Chinese herbs is to treat acute diseases and conditions (such as killing viruses and bacteria), to treat chronic illness by addressing immune system deficiency and strengthening the body, and to maintain health by keeping the body in a balanced state.
  • Herbal medicine can address a magnitude of symptoms related to clinical conditions, such as headaches, allergies, colds and flus, digestive disorders, dermatological conditions, gynecological conditions, etc.
  • Herbs can also help to alleviate problems associated with chronic diseases such as asthma, arthritis, lung or kidney disease, gastrointestinal disorder, respiratory disorder, cancer, Parkinson’s, dementia, etc.
  • Herbs can help to reduce side effects associated with conventional medicine (such as antibiotics, chemotherapy, etc.) by strengthening the immune system.
  • Herbs can be used for imbalanced emotional states that lead to stress, anxiety, depression, insomnia, etc.


Dr. Li Xin Zhang constructs a highly individualized medicinal formulation consisting of multiple herbs that will address the health needs and symptoms of each person. The goal is to create a balanced, synergistic effect that reflects the holistic nature of the diagnosis.

The traditional way to consume herbal remedies is in the form of tea, as the human body absorbs the nutrients from tea very quickly and easily. A unique formula is constructed to fit your needs and is freshly prepared for you each visit. Instructions are provided for making a tea at your convenience that is known for its strong taste and aroma, and magnitude of benefits!