Acupuncture: A Better Way to Health

Why take medication everyday for a condition that is easily cured by a calming and relaxing acupuncture treatment!? Chinese medicine addresses physical, mental, and emotional issues as it views the body as a holistic system. For all of the people out there needing more proof of its validity, please know that breakthrough research is emerging EVERY day! (AND, we offer a complementary consultation for Lixin to address your questions and/or concerns prior to treatment). The results speak for themselves-- this medicine is effective, transforming, and the RIGHT answer for EVERYONE! So take advantage and BE WELL!

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TCM Body Clock

Traditional Chinese Medicine believes that each Organ system has a specific time of day when it functions at its highest and lowest energy. Certain activities and moods are expected at specific hours of the day, and reflect the state of your vital energy and overall health. Practitioners can decipher a pattern in your symptoms or an imbalance in your system using this clock as a guide. For example, if you often find yourself waking up between 3:00-5:00AM, this may be indicative of a Lung condition/imbalance or you may be experiencing deep grief or sadness (emotions associated with Lungs).

How does your daily routine compare? Are you able to detect any imbalances in your system?

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What does your tongue say about your health?

The Traditional Chinese Medicine approach examines the state of the tongue and pulse to determine an appropriate diagnosis for each patient. Also taking each symptom or ailment into account, the body is viewed as a holistic system in which everything is interconnected and every piece of the puzzle must be examined in order to understand the state of the individual's health.

This fun chart displays rough guidelines for the clues that an acupuncturist is looking for when examining a patient's tongue each visit. What does YOUR tongue say about YOUR health?

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